Update 4-3-2019

I have a spreadsheet with all the email address you will need. Go the AR Legislator tab and you will find all the email address to the committees.



Judiciary Committee 

HB 1009 -Deferred

 HB1023  - ACT 187,  4th degree relative CAN NOT go to any function at school. Now this law will only people who can go are 1st and 2nd degree relatives. and great grandparents. Amend    Impact

HB1279  Deferred  Grooming bill

HB1438: ACT 461  Video voyeurism

HB1540: Deferred-Record can be seal-but not for register citizens. We are FOR this bill because maybe one day we will be added. 

HB1635: Deferred - Add more years. If you have ONE count against you than you will be fine, but if you have more then one count then your sentence will be for EACH count.  

 Aging, Children and Youth Committee   HB1237  Deferred-  Can't have custody of a child.  


Judiciary Committee   

SB8  Deferred -You can’t take a picture of any one under the age of 14.  

SB10-ACT 463- Halloween

SB177   ACT 262...This bill is changing how many days you have to registered. Going from 7 days to 5 days. WE are in favor of this bill. I know.. hard to believe. =)  

SB183   Passed will become an ACT soon.  Against-    A level 2,3,and 4 can't hold a position of public trust" means as in the fire department, law enforcement agency, or emergency medical service agency.  

SB207   Deferred, because it was like SB 183

SB206  Passed will become an ACT soon.  About getting off the register after 15 years. 

  • Page 2, line 4. Should be 5 years or less. Would you want to move to Arkansas after being on the register for many years from another state and have to be on it for 15 more years,  just so you can prove you’re a decent person?  

  • If you get denied after you have petition to get off the registry, will have to wait 3 years .

SB351- ACT587, A Romeo and Juliet bill.  

Transport Committee  

SB107  Deferred- can't have a special license plate to support law enforcement.- 

Public Health ...Committee Senate

 SB364  -ACT 385-Can't have a license to be a counselor. 


 Find out who is your Sentor and Representative are.

If you want to learn how to do a mail merge, watch this video. This tutor showed how. I have the speadsheet already made for you. Webmaster is going to make it where you can download it. but I am going to sent it to you by email, if you are on our mailinglist.  This will make it so much earier to send those email instead of copy and pasted each one. 




 Our work becomes better, stronger, and more effective with as many members as possible working with us.  If you are not yet a member, or you want to help us  block bad bills from becoming law, let ATAT know right away.  Become part of our work—help us to help you all the more, all the better.  

The more people we have helping, the better. I need people to look up bills, know how to read them. We also need people to send emails to the Legistors to let them know we don't like that bill. Please tell your family and friends about us, The more people we have, The louder our voice will be.