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I went the House Committe on Thurday 1/14. I had to go through the meter detector and get my temp read. Other then that, no one ask if I had signed up to testify.  They do want to limit the number of people who do show up and you can not sit next anyone. 



Update 1/16/21

The email spreadsheet has been updated. Go the AR Legislator tab.


  We might have to text, send voice mail, not just email this time. 




Judiciary Committee .   

HB1004  FIGHT-  PROHIBITING A PERSON REQUIRED TO REGISTER AS A SEX OFFENDER FROM ENTERING CERTAIN LOCATIONS DESIGNED FOR PUBLIC AQUATIC ACTIVITIES    Adding more places with water that a registor citizen can't go. Wave pool, splash pad, water slide, etc.  If you have a child or grandchild, you can't not take them to any  great places.    Sponsor-Fortner. and you can send email to this person and the House Judiciary Committee.


HB1057   Amended Cant do any thing- CONCERNING THE REGISTRATION OF AN OUT-OF STATE SEX OFFENDER.  This is just a clean up bill. They are added "out of state sex offender" to an already law.  Update: 1/14-passed in the committee. I am sure it will be passed in the house- then it will go the the Senate.


HB1098  UGLY TO RESTRICT THE CIRCUMSTANCES UNDER WHICH  A SEX OFFENDER MAY BE PERMITTED ON OR NEAR THE PREMISES OF A CHILDCARE FACILITY; AND TO REQUIRE NOTICE TO CERTAIN PERSONS WHEN A SEX OFFENDER IS ON THE PREMISES OF A CHILDCARE FACILITY.   If you have a child going to daycare, The daycare will have to notify all the parents that a registor citizen has a child going here. The registor citizen has been conviced of a sex crime again a minor.   Sponsor- Wooten. and you can send email to this person and the House Judiciary Committee.





Judiciary Committee   

SB3  and HB1020-  Nothing to do with us... BUT- CREATING A SENTENCE ENHANCEMENT FOR CERTAIN OFFENSES COMMITTED AGAINST A PERSON DUE TO THE PERSON'S ATTRIBUTES; AND TO REQUIRE AN ANNUAL REPORT CONCERNING THE COMMISSION OF HATE CRIMES IN ARKANSAS.   Quote " A person commits the offense of filing a false report if he or she files a report with any law enforcement agency or prosecuting attorney's  office of any alleged criminal wrongdoing on the part of another person knowing that the report is false."    How many registor citizen are now having to registor becasue of a false report?!!  and AR is so far behind on checking on rape kits that might free a registor citizen.  This part of the bill can't be change and has nothing really to do with us, I just thought it would be useful info. 



 Find out who is your Sentor and Representative are.

If you want to learn how to do a mail merge, watch this video. This tutor showed how. I have the speadsheet already made for you. Webmaster is going to make it where you can download it. but I am going to sent it to you by email, if you are on our mailinglist.  This will make it so much earier to send those email instead of copy and pasted each one. 




 Our work becomes better, stronger, and more effective with as many members as possible working with us.  If you are not yet a member, or you want to help us  block bad bills from becoming law, let ATAT know right away.  Become part of our work—help us to help you all the more, all the better.  

The more people we have helping, the better. I need people to look up bills, know how to read them. We also need people to send emails to the Legistors to let them know we don't like that bill. Please tell your family and friends about us, The more people we have, The louder our voice will be.