Arkansas Time After Time

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P.O. Box #11491, Conway, AR. 72034

Arkansas Time After Time (ATAT) is an independent
legislative advocacy group dedicated to making communities
safer by raising awareness about the sex offender laws.

Arkansas Legislature

Sending an email

Things to keep in mind when you send an email:

1. Subject line- VOTE no on XX### (what ever bill we are fighting against)
2. Keep your email short and to the point, about a half of page. The Congress people don't have time to read every email.
3. Try to at least make it personal. Make them feel sorry for you. but not in a way where they don't care.
4. If you have kids, tell them how this new bill is going to effect your kids.
5. Keep it short.

Navigation Guide

The session starts January 14th, 2019. I am going to try to show you how to navigate the Arkansas General Assembly's website.

Look for the calendar. You will have to change the dates. They only update a week at a time during the session. You can look two weeks at a time. Once the session starts, you will need to check often because things change fast.

Once they do have updated the committee meetings, you will be looking for the Judicary Commettee for the Senator.

Click on "AGENDA" It will show you what bills they will TRY to talk about that day. Once the session startes, the Agenda will be 3, 4 pages long. They won't get to every bill on the agenda on one day. I will be there every day because you will not know if they will read your bill that day or not. Even though the bill is on the agenda.

The best way to look up our type of bills. On the LEFT side, on the first page, Look for BILLs. You will have to Search.

You will need to search for buzz words. Sex, Offender, Rape, Felon, Parole, Prison, Minor, Sexual, Inmate, Register, Assault, Registrattion.

Where it says-" with all of the words"This is where you will need to use the buzz words. Once they start filing the bills, you might get a hit on more then one page of bills. You will have to read though each one to see if they do effect us. Some bills could be what they call a "clean up" bill This will be a bill that is all ready in effect but they are changes some words around. You will see a lot of strike out . This is ok but we might not be able to fight this. If they are just changeing some of the words. This mean, a bill is alread a LAW. We can't can't change a law. We can fight a bill.

ATAT needs volunteers to do this every day and when we get to the end of Feburary and March, you will need to check at least every hour. They will update the bills FAST when we get closer to the end- First week in April.

If you have any question, Please let me know. I will try to help you figure out this page.

The more people we have helping, the better. I need people to look up bills, know how to read them. We also need people to send emails to the Senators to let them know we don't like that bill. Please tell your family and friends about us, The more people we have, The louder our voice will be.